Hohai University (HHU) is a key comprehensive university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is the top university in China for hydraulic engineering and water resources research and education. In 2017, the discipline of Hydraulic Engineering and Environment Engineering were selected into China “Double First Class” university development plan. HHU has one state key research centre and one state key laboratory, i.e., State Key Laboratory of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering and State Key Engineering Research Centre of Efficient Utilization of Water Resources and Engineering Safety. HHU is very active in international communication and cooperation, and has built close relationship with many first-class universities and research institutes around the world, such as Arizona University, University of California Los Angeles, Delft University of Technology, and University of Western Australia, etc. HHU will fully support the implementation of the project. Besides the use of all necessary facilities existing in the university, any further need for research and human resources by the project will be considered by the university authority.

Participants from Hohai University

  1. Wen Wang, Coordinate the project implementation on the China side, Lead the implementation of WP3-WP4 on the China side, Supervise the Chinese PhD student
  1. Qiong-Fang Li, Co-investigator, Lead the implementation of WP2 on the China side.
  1. Hong-Jie Wang, Co-investigator, Take active part in WP1 and WP2; hydrology data collection and water resources scenario development.
  1. Haishen Lyu, Co-investigator, Lead the implementation of WP1
  1. Yi Liu, Post-doc, Take part in WP1, WP3, climate impacts on drought dynamics and vulnerability.
  1. Jing-Shu Wang, PhD student, Take part in the research of WP1-WP4, drought dynamics and vulnerability analysis, finish PhD thesis.
  1. Yiyuan Tao, PhD student, Take part in the research of WP1-WP2, drought characteristics and human effects analysis