IG PAS is one of the research institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences that represents the mainstream of geophysical research in Poland. The main statutory tasks of the Institute include scientific research, development, monitoring and educational activities, as well as dissemination of research results and their implementation in the economy. Institute has a leading position in Europe in the field of seismic processes induced by human technological activities. Since 2010 IG PAS has been deeply involved in integrating European infrastructure of anthropogenic seismicity, and currently is leading one of WP’s in the European Plate Observing System IP Project, Horizon 2020. IG plays also an important role in issues related to the exploration and exploitation of shale gas in Poland, participating in several projects tackling these problems. Main activities in this area are focused on participation in Polish and European research programs. In 2002, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education granted the Institute the status of a Centre of Excellence on Geophysical Methods and Observations for Sustainable Development (GEODEV).

The Institute conducts extensive cooperation with universities, research institutes and scientific associations, particularly in the field of research and development works. IG PAS ensures the continuous development of international scientific cooperation through the creation of research consortia and the conduct of joint research projects with foreign partners. IG PAS conducts PhD studies, in the form of individual four-year full-time studies carried out under the guidance of a tutor. Institute also organises student internships in each of the Research Departments of the Institute. The Institute will provide the project with its premises and scientific infrastructures in the form of computer facilities. In addition, the Institute will provide administrative and financial support services during the project duration. The project is purely research-based and does not require any experimental facilities.

Participants from IG PAS

  1. Jarosław Napiórkowski – Coordination of the project implementation on the Polish side. Leader of the implementation of WP2 on the Polish side; participating in WP1 and WP4; cosupervisor of the Polish PhD student
  2. Ewa Bogdanowicz – Leader of the implementation of WP3 on the Polish side; participating  in WP4
  3. Emilia Karamuz – Taking active part in WP1-WP4; taking part in discussions of the results and in paper writing
  4. Krzysztof Kochanek – co-supervisor of the Polish PhD student
  5. Iwona Kuptel-Markiewicz – Taking active part in WP2-WP4; taking part in discussions of the results and in paper writing
  6. Michael Nones – Leader of the implementation of WP4; participating in WP2-WP3
  7. Tesfaye Belay Senbeta – Ph.D. student

Renata Romanowicz – 1950-2021. Principal Investigator;