Minutes of the Meeting 8.05.2020

Present: RR, JN, EK, US, TS, EB

RR opened the meeting and gave a short summary of work done so far and plans for the present. The main focus of the meeting was a web page and the paper preparation.

Each meeting participant presented a Short description of work done:

  • Emilia prepared the EOBS data (11.1×11.1 km2 grid), including temperature and precipitation,  for Poland aiming to develop median and quantile maps of spatio-tempporal changes of climatic variables for the Vistula basin. The maps will be prepared for the gridded SPI and SPEI indices for the Vistula.

The classes of different categories of drought will be distinguished and the distribution of those classes and their temporal variability.

Emilia will start preparing the projections for the future for the Vistula (21st century, CORDEX data).

The variability of groundwater data will be compared with distribution of drought indices.

  • Ewa prepared a report on her work – to be sent to everybody before the next meeting.
  • Jarek is working on the project webpage editing. Jarek is going to work on groundwater data.
  • Tesfaey started on the sub-catchment data (to be prolonged until the latest available measurements). SWAT+ will be developed for seven substations.
  • Ula discussed categories of droughts classified as extreme or combined droughts and how much territory it covers when it develops.

Ula worked on GLEAMs data on the development of histograms of 16-year periods to show dry and wet years for the Pilica and Wieprz. The idea is to present the 21st century changes against the background of 1950’ties (spread of drought in 2003 and 2015).

Water use is still worked out (difficult to get the data).

Ula will concentrate on the River Wieprz.

  • Renata:

Discussion of a web page: please decide what to put on the web page.

IAHR paper – the division of work between the members of the team will be prepared for the next meeting. HESS and HP papers to be sent to everybody.

Points to develop:

1.           Groundwater Index

2.           Preparing future projections

3.           Draught severity recurrence

4.           Drought severity recurrence maps

  • Next meeting 25th of May, 11.00